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Decision Near on C.V. Incorporation

Carmel Pine Cone, Nov. 7, 2008


SUPPORTERS AND opponents of Carmel Valley’s proposed incorporation will have what may be their last opportunity to sound off on the issue at a public hearing when the
Monterey County Local Agency Formation Commission meets Tuesday, Nov. 25, in Salinas.

“At the conclusion of the hearing, the commission will take action to approve or disapprove the incorporation proposal,” explained Kate McKenna, executive officer of
LAFCO. “If approved, we’ll request that the board of supervisors schedule an election.”

While the next scheduled opportunity for the issue to go on the ballot is November 2009, McKenna confirmed that incorporation supporters are negotiating with the county to schedule a special election in June 2009.

According to 5th District Supervisor Dave Potter’s aide, Kathleen Lee, the new town would pay for the special election which would cost an estimated $150,000 — if voters approve incorporation. She said it is unclear who would pay for the election if the incorporation bid fails.

“Proponents are saying they don’t have $150,000,” Lee said. “It’s a very real question who is going to pay it.” Lee said it’s also possible Gov. Arnold Shwarzenegger could call a spring election to address other issues, and if that’s the case, the incorporation vote could cost as little as $30,000.

Meanwhile, the board of supervisors this week approved a revised revenue neutrality agreement between the county and incorporation proponents. The two sides agreed to a settlement in May 2006 where the new town would pay the county $15,919,280 over 16 years for lost revenues, beginning
in 2010. But after legal action delayed the drive, negotiations were reopened. Under the new agreement, the total amount due would remain the same, but the first payment would not be due until 2012, according to Tom McCue, a senior financial analyst for LAFCO. McCue said a reinstatement of vehicle license fee revenues — which were not available when the initial agreement was drawn up — will enable to the new town to pay off the county in just 14 years instead of 16.

The hearing starts at 4 p.m. The board of supervisors Chambers are located at the Monterey County Government Center, which is located at 168 W. Alisal St. in Salinas.

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