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Prison in Carmel Valley -- two letters

Carmel Pine Cone, Nov. 14, 2008

Note: A prison was never a consideration for Carmel Valley. If the proponents of incorporation can make up such ridiculous fabrications, they will stop at nothing to get their beloved city. See letters below.

Prisoners of the county

Dear Editor,

Supervisor Dave Potter and the Carmel Valley Association agree on one fact concerning the county putting a prison in Carmel Valley. The project is dead — for this year. As for the future, no one can predict where the prison will be built.

We know, however, that reentry prisons in every county are a priority for the California
Department of Corrections, and that the sheriff and other county officials badly want
the prison. And we know that three supervisors agreed not to put the prison in any incorporated
city, or apparently, in the Salinas Valley.

We also know that the only prison location named by the supervisors was Carmel
Valley, and that Carmel Valley has adequate transportation via Highway 1 (and public
buses), and the availability of required medical and counseling services.

Carmel Valley also lacks local government. So, a majority of three out-of-area
supervisors can dump whatever they choose in Carmel Valley. Without local control,
Carmel Valley has no control.

Bottom line: There is only one way to guarantee that the next prison is not located
in Carmel Valley. We must incorporate, become a town, and elect leaders who live in,
and know and care about Carmel Valley. No local leader — as opposed to supervisors
from King City, Salinas, Marina or Moss Landing — would even dream of considering
(or even joking about) locating a prison in Carmel Valley.

We need to incorporate now!

John Dalessio, President,
Carmel Valley Association

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‘Fear mongering’

Dear Editor,

The proponents of Carmel Valley incorporation have now stooped to fear mongering
to get their way. In the Carmel Valley Association November newsletter, a leading
proponent of cityhood warned that county supervisors had picked Carmel Valley as a
potential site for a massive prison. Luckily, a Carmel Pine Cone story pointed out the
groundless basis of this accusation after talking to David Potter’s office. Carmel Valley
was never seriously considered. And besides, the negotiations are dead. The deadline for
state funds had expired some time ago, warranting little apprehension about a possible prison anywhere in Monterey County.

However, fear always makes good headlines, especially for political groups wanting to get frightened citizens to do their bidding. When the county supervisors were considering
a new prison, they pinpointed the city of Salinas as the best location. So this is not really a county-versus-city debate that favors or disfavor a possible new city?

One wonders what other ploys the proponents of C.V. cityhood will use to scare residents into giving up their peaceful county life for the hustle and bustle of city life.

Lawrence Samuels,

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