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Incorporation Backers Pledge Clean Campaign

Monterey Herald, Dec. 5, 2008

NOTE: Although the proponents of CV incorporation have played dirty tricks on those who oppose a city, Glenn Robinson wrote a letter promising a clean campaign. Can a Zebra change its strips?

Dear Editor,

The Herald's editorial Tuesday calling for a factual and civil debate on Carmel Valley incorporation got it exactly right. Now that we finally have won the right to vote on our future, we all need to make sure that we make a truly informed and dispassionate decision, and not one based on scare tactics, misinformation and demagoguery.

I pledge on behalf of supporters of incorporation that our campaign will take the high road. We believe the facts speak for themselves and an informed electorate will overwhelmingly approve a town of Carmel Valley. We call for our opponents to also take the high road, to stick to a factual debate on the merits, and let the people decide in an informed atmosphere.

In that spirit, we call on the opposition to finally agree to hold a series of debates with us to examine all aspects of incorporation, pro and con. We also call on The Herald to hold all of our feet to the fire. When claims are made that are false or misleading, The Herald should call us out on it. Have a regular "fact check" article, as is now common in the media for presidential campaigns.

Let the debate begin — civilly!

Glenn E. Robinson
Carmel Valley

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Reply to Glenn Robinson

Dec. 6, 2008

Dear Editor,

I applaud Glenn Robinson for his clean campaign pledge (Dec. 6 letter). That will be a major shift from past tactics. The proponents of incorporation have used every dirty trick in the book, alongside a plethora of ad hominem attacks against those who want to keep Carmel Valley rural.

For instance, one proponent took my anti-war writings and stuffed them into the mail box of a conservative neighbor opposed to incorporation. Another time, when Hacienda Carmel arranged for a bus to pick up anti-incorporation residents for a LAFCO meeting, a proponent called up residents and falsely said the bus had been cancelled.

Last month, the proponents warned that a massive prison was barely stopped from being built next to million-dollar homes in Carmel Valley, to frighten people into supporting a city. Of course, the Monterey County Supervisors had never seriously considered Carmel Valley! Why would they jeopardize the revenues from million-dollar homes?

Robinson knows how to play hardball politics. He even got taxpayers to pay $300K for the incorporation process, while promising that the proponents would pay all the costs. I expect a dirty campaign. I only hope that voters can see through the smokescreen that will be raised.

Lawrence Samuels

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