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Housing Mandates in California

Posted in 2005

By Lawrence Samuels

In 2002, the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG) determined the number of homes to be built in Monterey County by 2007. According to AMBAG this is a state mandate for local governments. Since government is not responsible for building these homes, the requirement gives housing advocates and developers further legal means to pressure local governments into approving the construction of new homes, especially low income housing. Plus, the State of California has withheld “State Housing Grants” from cities that have refused to follow the state mandate. It is difficult for politicians to resist the offer of grant money for any purpose. If Carmel Valley were to become a city, it too would have a set number of required homes to be built under FOUR categories:

1. Very Low Income
2. Low Income,
3. Moderate Income
4. Above Moderate Income

In the unincorporated areas, there is no particular designated area where these homes must be built. Due to a number of building restrictions, it is unlikely that many of these mandated homes would be built in unincorporated Carmel Valley. If the Rancho San Juan development of 4,000 homes is built north of Salinas, it would take care of the State Mandate for the unincorporated area.

AMBAG’s total amount of homes to be build in Monterey County by 2007 is 13,415

Homes Required for Cities:

Carmel: 54
Del Rey Oaks: 23
Gonzales: 429
Greenfield: 427
King City: 791
Marina: 2,015
Monterey: 1,302
Pacific Grove: 246
Salinas: 1,349
Sand City: 267
Seaside: 1,305
Soledad: 1,283

Unincorporated Area: 3,925

TOTAL: 13,415

See AMBAG pages/chart on Regional Housing Needs Plan, 2000-2007 at

Last Updated: Dec 07, 08

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Housing Mandates in California

By Lawrence SamuelsIn 2002, the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG) determined the ...