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C.V. incorporation not needed

Monterey Herald -- Aug. 17, 2009

When I arrived in Carmel Valley 26 years ago, I was so impressed with what it represented — not the least of which was a volunteering spirit and sense of community, particularly in the village.

It is disheartening that the pro-incorporation group feels Carmel Valley is broken. I have not seen them in the trenches working for our community — so it must be all about their agenda: to rein in that ever-present evil, "development." To be clear, development encompasses more than subdivisions, more than new housing. It includes adding a window, remodeling a kitchen, replacing a roof.

More layers of government don't produce a better result. I have spent time at supervisors' meetings speaking out. I've seen the good and bad, but they listen. Not so much, the pro-incorporation lot — and that's a red flag. People (and cities) are now struggling with financial challenges, and fighting to preserve our dwindling rights. We need to be wary. This is about more control, not improving our lifestyle. No incorporation!

Leslie Voss
Carmel Valley

Last Updated: Aug 17, 09

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