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Carmel Pine Cone – Aug. 28, 2009

Dear Editor

In his letter to the editor John Smith lectures that “ethical”
voters against incorporation must vote only on the issue of
incorporation and abstain on the town council. Candidates
against incorporation must also withdraw.

I disagree wholeheartedly. Citizens have a right, a duty
and a responsibility to vote for people they want to represent
them. Smith states that, if incorporation were to pass at 51
percent, then the other 49 percent of voters in Carmel Valley
shall have no voice or representation. How is that democracy?

Smith also writes that the central issue for Carmel Valley
is knowing who represents you. I disagree. I see the main
point as the medium and long-term unintended consequences
for Carmel Valley and the sure decay of its infrastructure
after incorporation.

His analogy of the sinking ship crewed by a disloyal sailor
is also nonsense. Calling my candidacy a “betrayal” and “dishonorable”
is passing judgment from an extreme point of
view. Quite the contrary, it’s more akin to my command and
leadership experience in the U.S. Army. After receiving an
order with which I disagreed it was my duty to make my
reservations known to my boss. Once heard and overruled, it
was then my duty to accomplish whatever the mission
demanded to the best of my ability.

History is full of examples of political leaders succumbing
to groupthink, with the final result an unnecessary expenditure
of blood and money. This is not war, just municipal
government, and the analogy is the same.

Is Smith’s idea of democracy in Carmel Valley so weak
that it cannot survive contrary opinion? If one “naysayer” on
the town council can sink incorporation, then the town isn’t
strong enough to survive on its own anyway.

The future of Carmel Valley does not rely on incorporation,
but on the continuing activism of its citizens, while
remaining unincorporated and rejecting the trappings of
power and bureaucracy.

It’s my civic duty to question incorporation while still
fighting for a seat at the table if it passes. I have no other
choice as a citizen of Carmel Valley.

Scott Dick, Carmel Valley

Last Updated: Aug 28, 09

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