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Fighting against the money on Measure G

Monterey Herald -- Sept. 29, 2009

From the number of pro-Carmel Valley incorporation letters appearing on The Herald's "Opinion" page, one would think that most people support it. I do know that in my neighborhood the vast majority opposed it two years ago.

Town or city? A thing is not necessarily what you call it, and what we call it has no bearing on what it might become. The opponents do indeed worry that incorporation will eventually bring higher taxes, more development and decreased local control, in spite of the "independent feasibility study" several years ago that indicated otherwise. It is not possible to have "documented truth" about the future.

What I find heartbreaking are the innuendos thrown against people who just want to be left alone, and aren't well-organized or wealthy enough to have a campaign staff and arrange almost-daily events.

We are not choosing someone to represent us at a fashion show or a Toastmasters' debate. Vote NO on Measure G.

Jane Heider

Last Updated: Sep 29, 09

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Final Results Nov. 13, 2009 --Measure G Defeated by 52.52% to 47.48%

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