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No Vote Mkes Sense

Monterey Herald -- Sept. 30, 2009

After reading two letters in the Sept. 28 edition, I have the feeling that Brinton's must have had a sale on rose-colored glasses. We are being led to believe by the proponents that if we vote for incorporation, everything will be just fine and dandy. After all, they know what is best for us and we ignoramuses shouldn't question their views.

I believe we need a reality check. The state is going bankrupt. County revenues are decreasing. The city of Vallejo already has declared bankruptcy. Our sister cities of Pacific Grove and Seaside are having financial and other difficulties. Here locally, a trip to the Barnyard and the Crossroads shopping areas will show that many businesses have disappeared. Quail Lodge is closing. Camel Valley Ranch has had its value substantially reduced. Our own property values have also fallen.

We are to believe that all of this will have no effect on the financial viability of the proposed new city. I think not. Find out for yourselves. Check the facts at Then you will see why a "no" vote makes common sense.

Ernie Bizzozero

Last Updated: Sep 30, 09

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