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CV Town to Mandate Pavement

Carmel Pine Cone -- oct. 2, 2009

Dear Editor,

I attended the Carmel Unified School
District Board meeting this week, and for the
first time heard in person the “number one”
reason voiced by pro-incorporators to vote
for incorporation of Carmel Valley: The
asserted health risks to students and the local
population from moving dirt and from diesel

Thinking about the impacts of this reasoning
reminds me of the logic games we
played in my college days at M.I.T. Where
does it lead us?

If moving dirt is the biggest health risk to
people, and that is the “number one” reason
to vote for incorporation, then it stands to
reason that the remaining farms in our valley
will be a thing of the past, because moving
dirt is an integral component of farming.
Furthermore, nothing can be built without
moving some dirt. Is 100 percent of construction
to be halted, for whatever purpose,
in the new town? And, as we all know, pavement
is the best way to eliminate dust, and
thereby this “health risk.” Is everything to be

Another major concern presented at the
school board meeting was emissions from
diesel engines, and that stopping the use of
diesel trucks is a reason to vote for incorporation.
But farm equipment uses diesel
engines (tractors), as do the dozens of
Carmel school buses, which idle and run for
hours every school day (and right next to
large numbers of students!).

These concerns illustrate an underlying
technique: Using a populist saying or sentiment
(health concerns), with flawed underlying
logic. It also illustrates a basic drawback
of the concept of a City of Carmel Valley.
Carmel Valley is an agriculturally active,
spread out valley, not an urban city.
But to solve these “biggest concerns,” the
incorporation folks have asserted would logically
require the end of farming (eliminate
the bad dirt and diesel), massive pavement
(the bad dirt), elimination of the school
buses (the bad diesel), and the inability to
complete construction at school sites
(Carmel High School’s new buildings) or
anywhere else.

I urge you to vote NO on incorporation,
and look at the serious financial aspects of a
possible new government (the new employees,
the new lawsuits, the new retirement
benefits …) and to recognize these sentimental
logic games that can distract us from
the real issues.

Michael Waxer, Carmel

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