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Missing Pieces in C.V. Incorporation Debate

Monterey Herald -- Oct. 9, 2009

No mention has been brought forward concerning the additional expenses with incorporation, which at present do not exist under
Monterey County. Insurance of all kinds, employees (estimate 10 to 12), office space, office equipment, utilities, vehicles and endless other expenses.

Where is all the additional revenue coming from to cover all these extra expenses under a city? Who is going to pay for it all? The property owners, and businesses (who are already having hard times), who else?

And what about property taxes, which are now dropping drastically as property values continue to decrease throughout the valley? Taxes are needed desperately by a city, and at present, Carmel Valley City could perhaps maintain itself for a period of one to three years. Where is it going to get additional taxes to sustain itself after that? Of course, from you and me.

And what about the tremendous additional traffic to get to the city offices — approximately 25 miles back and forth from the mouth of the valley — where most of the traffic will be coming from on an outdated, dangerous two-lane road most of the way? It will create lost time, extra gas consumption and a dangerous journey, and how much more can our two-lane road take?

Caroline Spicher
Carmel Valley

Last Updated: Oct 10, 09

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