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A bad time to take on debt of incorporation

Monterey Herald -- Oct. 16, 2009

For years, I have listened to people trying to stop growth. Nothing is going to stop growth. But the ability to manage it is imperative.

September Ranch has not been built, though I can pretty well guarantee it will be, as will other projects that will generate the revenue we need to maintain a city. If we incorporate, we take on a high debt. The projects that have been held off will, I promise, happen much sooner. Incorporation is growth. A city needs money. Residents and businesses get taxed. If not enough money is raised, cities, like Marina and Seaside, look for businesses.

City or not, projects will be built, but it will happen much faster if we take on the debt. There are a minimum of four fixed-income senior housing projects as well as many small-wage earners in our valley. Simple math says we do not have enough money in large businesses or enough businesses to pay the bills.

The smartest comments I have heard are those who advocate voting no now while the economy is so unstable. Those would-be politicians can wait two years and try again for their self-imposed importance. Another layer of politicians is what we do not need. NO on G.

Margarite Alvarez-Papenhoefer
Carmel Valley

Last Updated: Oct 16, 09

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