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Single issue drives debate

Monterey Herald -- Oct. 29, 2009

Single-issue politics lead to bad governance. In the debate concerning Measure G, the incorporation of Carmel Valley, both sides seem to raise the issue that with or without incorporation, development will make Carmel Valley unsustainable. However, the politics appear to be about a single issue. We have seen in the past that single-issue politics, e.g. stance on abortion as a litmus test, leads to rancor and ill-thought-out consequences.

Philosophically and logically, is there any difference between secession from the county because we don't like the supervisors' stance on development and secession from the union because we don't like the Congress' stance concerning slavery? Governance is more than a single issue. Let's make a conscious decision on all the ramifications.

I will vote no on G because governance has to be defined by more than a single issue. I will work toward changing attitudes among the supervisors outside of my district concerning development, instead of forming a whole new government.

Edith McDonald

Last Updated: Oct 30, 09

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