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Pine Cone is really, really bad

The Carmel Pine Cone letter below is from pro-G candidate Mike McMillan’s wife.

Although cityhood proponents promised in speeches, emails, news articles and advertisements that they would not put another incorporation measure on the ballot, pro-G people are beginning to waver from this promise. Glenn Robinson, leader of the pro-city movement, in an email response to Tom Adams’ anti-city arguments (Oct. 29.2009), wrote:

”There will be no second chances, no do-overs, for many, many years – probably decades. There is not a single proponent that I know, including me, that will go through this long, arduous, expensive process ever again. If local control is worth having, we must seize this one opportunity now.”

Carmel Pine Cone – Nov. 27, 2009

Pine Cone is really, really bad

Dear Editor,
I come from a long line of newspaper
executives and grew up with my father working
for the Chicago Tribune and The Los
Angeles Daily News for over 40 years, and in
his later years worked diligently for the
Santa Barbara News Press. I understand
newspapers, and I would argue that the
Carmel Pine Cone is not a real newspaper
but more of a public platform which your
editor uses to espouse his own opinions, personal
gripes and personal vendettas.

Sure, it’s a small town newspaper with a
sheriff ’s log, great animal stories and at
times has added to the one-horse-town
appeal of Carmel-by-the-Sea. But it doesn’t
or can’t tackle real news or real issues. I am
guessing you don’t really even want to. You
like drama, controversy and intrigue. You
don’t sell your paper to the reader, so real
reporting probably doesn’t really matter.
However, it would be nice to think you
had either a decent moral compass or at least
a true respect for real journalism. You are
mean-spirited and vindictive in your writings,
and it doesn’t do a struggling paper any

O.K. I get that your paper is against the
incorporation of Carmel Valley. I get that
you neither respect nor like Glenn Robinson,
Larry Bacon or Karin Strasser Kauffman. It
has been a long and tiresome battle and yes,
Measure G lost round one at the polls. As
you know, Measure G had the support and
endorsement of every environmental, political
or other influential group that would do
the research and analysis of the important
issues surrounding the move to a town. The
Carmel Pine Cone did little to no true investigative
or thorough research, and it showed.
You have personally demonstrated that
you really don’t get what incorporation
would provide to a place like Carmel Valley.
To repeatedly proclaim that the issue of
incorporation should be set aside for 20
years CLEARLY demonstrates your naiveté
and ignorance of what the reality is for the
valley or the county.

Measure G lost by 275 votes ... not much.
There are 2,592 people that voted for incorporation
and an army of people that will continue
to educate and inform the voters to
move incorporation forward. It may not be
the same people, and maybe it will be people
you like better. Doesn’t matter, we will vote
on this again.

No one knows what your beef really is.
You got to write “stuff ” about a relevant
topic and you made real money on the political
advertising. The issue of incorporation
was good for The Pine Cone. Do your sales
reps a favor and build a newspaper that can
earn some respect or at least have a reputation
for balanced reporting.

Victoria McMillan, Carmel Valley

Responses to McMillan’s letter in the Dec. 4, 2009 Carmel Pine Cone

McMillan’s ‘harangue’

Dear Editor,
I read the first three paragraphs of
Victoria McMillan’s letter to you with considerable
interest, that is, until I got to her
harangue over the failure of Measure G.
Speak about being mean-spirited, it was like
the pot calling the kettle black.

Whatever kudos she won with her opening
remarks, she quickly lost with her ending
diatribe. This is what often happens when we
allow our emotions to get the better of us.
Oh, yes, before I forget, I was in favor of
Measure G too!

John Wm. Schiffeler, Carmel

‘Don’t read Pine Cone’

Dear Editor,
Victoria McMillan’s letter about no on G
and the Pine Cone. Get over it, Victoria.
Enough is enough. Don’t read The Pine Cone
anymore; the majority of us enjoy it.

Lillian Eccher, Carmel

‘Great Editorial’

Dear Editor,
I voted no on “G” because I didn’t trust
their financial analysis. I was almost swayed
to consider voting yes but the bitter politics
of the Yes on G group convinced me otherwise.

Your Nov. 20 editorial was great.
Maybe it’s time for Glenn Robinson to
move to a real city.

Bruce C. Hungate, Carmel Valley

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