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‘High Costs’ and ‘Increased Regulations’

Carmel Pine Cone – Jan. 29, 2010

A Jan. 22 letter complains about the "deafening silence" on Carmel Valley incorporation for the last month. I'm sorry Ms. Surprevant had to wait "with bated breath." The silence has been deafening probably because the Pine Cone was understandably reluctant to publish any more letters about this stale issue, and may not have published responses to the post-election allegations. Surely no one wants to hear another recitation of the possible and likely negative outcomes of incorporation, yet again, ad nauseum? And no, the lack of response to random accusations does not prove guilt, at least not in this country where innocence is assumed until guilt is proven.

Many reasons for fearing that certain problems might follow an incorporation decision here, as they did in Malibu and other places, were well-documented at the time, and can still be found on the website Perhaps Ms. Surprenant is not aware that letters of all sorts, as well as responses to criticisms and questions, were sent throughout the campaign, not just in the last week. Change of address, sewer requirements, increased taxes, and insurance hikes were all identified as likely eventual outcomes of incorporation, not mandates or immediate requirements.

I don't believe that any of these bad results were planned; most public problems occur as unintended consequences of rash and often good-sounding decisions, making a healthy skepticism wise. I am afraid that higher costs and increased regulation could easily come out of a C.V. Municipal Advisory Committee, the current project of the incorporation advocates.

Jane Heider, Carmel Valley

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