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Running out of patience

Carmel Pine Cone, Jan. 29, 2010

Dear Editor,

In the Jan. 22 issue of The Pine Cone, you
published a letter from Lorraine Surprenant
entitled, “Deafening silence.” I am getting
sick and tired of inflammatory remarks coming
from proponents of Carmel Valley incorporation.
I do not know of the mailing she
refers to, but she insists that I did. I did not
create or mail her cited piece, nor do I have
any knowledge of it.

The only anti-incorporation comment I
made was regarding the cost of flood insurance.
In the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis
of the Proposed Incorporation of Carmel
Valley, dated January 2005, on page 22, the
following is stated: “Incorporation will initially
cause FEMA to downgrade the class
designation from Class 6 to Class 10.” This
would raise our insurance rates at Hacienda
Carmel by 20 percent. The report went on to
state that there may be “up to 1,523 parcels
affected by this increased cost.” In addition,
our manager met with FEMA and our insurance
broker, and they stated our rates would
probably go up 26 percent. Finally, on page
29 of The Pine Cone, there was a quote from
Lou Calcagno stating he felt our flood insurance
would probably go up 33 percent.

The above represents the statistics I presented
to our residents. Since our annual premium
is $201,000, an increase of 20 percent
to 33 percent represents a healthy surcharge.
As the treasurer of the Hacienda Carmel
Community Association, I do not know
where we would get the extra $40,000 to
$66,000. So I opposed the incorporation.
Because I stated the above, I have been
called a liar by Glenn Robinson and Carl
Polhammer and labeled as dishonest by Ms.
Surprenant. My patience wears thin.

Thomas White, Carmel Valley

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