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A Recipe for Disaster

Carmel Valley News – April 1, 2010

Regarding Christine Williams’ letter, a MAC is a bad idea because we don’t have a perfect world. Government committees are notoriously unproductive, seek more controls and interference, and produce an abundance of red tape. The Carmel Valley LUAC has been working on land use issues for decades, but apparently (to Williams), unsuccessfully. Why does anyone think a MAC would be any different?

But the real problem with a MAC is that the people who want to populate its five-member municipal council are pro-cityhood leaders. And, as I have observed during the years, many of these leaders support a political psyche that believes the ends justify the means. And unfortunately, these Machiavellians feel they are privileged to say or do anything as long as it furthers their noble ends – a recipe for disaster.

Generally, the wrong people gravitate to political committees and offices. As a social chaologist, I have noticed that the people who would avoid being busybodies and controlaholics in political positions simply do not run for office. They, like most people in society, simply want to left alone. But politicos are always on the prowl to control society. They have a linear mindset that seeks to interfere with people’s lives because they “know what is best” for society. Of course, they don’t really know what’s best, but they do have the power to force their righteous opinions on others.

We need fewer political committees and politicians, not more. The world is indeed imperfect. And because it is, most politicians and command-based systems are flawed. Maybe this is why politicos have repeatedly failed to make the world a better place. I put my trust in letting people handle their own affairs. To my way of thinking, people should run society, not government.

--Lawrence Samuels

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