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‘Was that, too, a lie?’

Carmel Pine Cone -- Nov. 26, 2010

Dear Editor,

Christine Williams of the Carmel Valley
Association laments that due process has
taken place regarding September Ranch.
Williams must believe it’s okay to deny property
rights to non-CVA members.

I heard the pro-town candidates declare
during a debate that not all developments
were bad and they would support “smart”
developments. I guess it’s all in Williams’
definition of smart.

The election was also about common
sense. Attempting to incorporate during the
worst economic period since the Great
Depression and declaring that Carmel Valley
was immune to prevailing economic forces
was irresponsible and arrogant.

The Carmel-Carmel Valley Coalition
asked Monterey County officials for current
revenue figures as if incorporation had succeeded.
The discrepancy between the numbers
projected by LAFCO and the revenues
received or currently receivable is staggering.
According to property assessments, hotel
and sales tax receipts, the town’s first year
revenue would not have been $10.63 million
as projected, but $8.34 million: a $2.29 million
shortfall. The budget projections worsen
each subsequent fiscal year.

Using the same techniques as LAFCO, a
budget expert calculated that future revenues
would be significantly reduced resulting in
yearly deficits in the millions, ending in FY
2020 with $4.34 million in the hole. Turns
out we were right all along.

So take heed of Williams’ advice, next
time don’t believe the rhetoric of the protown
proponents when they say trust us;
there is plenty of money to incorporate. City
supporters also promised there wouldn’t be a
next time. Was that, too, a lie?

Scott Dick, President
Carmel-Carmel Valley Coalition

Last Updated: Nov 28, 10

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