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Incorporation Means "Tighter Control"

Carmel Pine Cone, Jan. 21, 2005

Dear Editor,

As a noose, a small group of people is trying to put around our lovely valley community grows tighter; it’s regrettably necessary to start fighting back. Look for some cold, hard facts before you make a decision.

Most of the residents who live here (and we have data to prove it) enjoy the environment just the way it is. Making Carmel Valley a city serves an ambitious few who are spending large sums of money and an awful lot of their time to sell us on what a miserable life we now lead and how absolutely utopian it would be if we would only incorporate. They have a distinct advantage. What they are doing costs a lot of money. They are spending a lot of their own and developer’s money just to force this thing on all of us. They project a municipal government with larger expenses and tighter controls on our way of life.

Don Soule,
Carmel Valley

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