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Let Valley Residents Decide

Monterey Herald, Feb. 20, 2005

Dear Editor:

The current rush of comments concerning the battle to try to incorporate Carmel Valley needs clarification. Those of us who lived in a Monterey Peninsula city before moving to the valley carry with us the memories of the micromanaging that city dwellers and, yes, the rulers, wield. The sound level, the color of your house, the width and height of a fence is much easier to police in a city than it is in the country.

The usual number of vehicles we own is no issue here, but if you park a vehicle on the street in any city you'd better watch for the limits on the time and number of cars.

On a more serious note, we valley folks by and large all depend on septic tanks. Not so in cities. If we become a city you can look forward to replacing a septic tank with a sewer and a sewer tax. Oh yes, and while we're at it, how about curbs and gutters and don't forget all of our quaint little narrow streets will have to meet state standards.

So would you outsiders please keep your comments to yourselves?

Don Soule
Carmel Valley

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