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Monterey Herald, March 6, 2005

Dear Editor:

As a newcomer, I conclude that the current political setup has controlled the growth and kept Carmel Valley's aura.

Therefore, one would have to argue that there must be a compelling reason or reasons to justify any change. I see none. Creating a city will generate another layer of bureaucracy. History, facts and logic indicate that "local rule" will not maintain the valley in its current state or provide greater control over our fate.

A city will need a staff with the accompanying wages, benefits and retirement. A city will require facilities and equipment. And in the world of government, costs beget costs; no bureaucrat worth his salt will underspend for fear of losing his allotment in the next year.

A city will have costs and structure dictated by the state or some other official agency. It follows that the costs will force the "officials" to creative ways to get revenue (i.e., fees, taxes and projects) that can provide fees and taxes.

It is clear that the creation of a city will cause those conditions that the city rule was created to stop. Any argument to the contrary seems to be wishful thinking. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Michael Addison

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