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Let Some Opt Out

Monterey Herald, Oct. 29, 2006

Dear Editor:

LAFCO members should be commended rather than criticized for their action. We are fortunate that several had experience at the municipal level and recognized several of the weaknesses and omissions in the report in support of incorporation.

The incorporation advocates complained that the LAFCO commissioners violated democratic principles, but they deny those principles to the opposition. Supposedly, areas could opt out by majority vote. The subdivisions at the mouth of the valley voted to opt out. One subdivision voted 79 percent to opt out. The others exceeded 80 percent to opt out.

The vote of the opposition was nullified for the benefit of the incorporators because without the mouth of the valley the project was not fiscally sound according to LAFCO staff. In their report the advocates said in bold italics, "The proposed boundary modifications to residential and commercial areas under consideration by LAFCO do not significantly change the findings regarding the feasibility of incorporation." Let's hold them to their word. Recognize the vote of those who chose to opt out and let them vote to incorporate without the mouth of the valley.

Louis Milani

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