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Formation of Save the Valley

Jan. 24, 2005

Save the Valley – No City
P.O. Box 22231, Carmel, CA 93922
Lawrence Samuels, Secretary
648-7271 vm104

PRESS RELEASE – Immediate 1-24-05

CARMEL VALLEY -- Calling “incorporation a threat to our way of life,” Save the Valley – No City was formed last week to fight the formation of a new city in Carmel Valley. The new organization is a coalition of home owners, and property owners’ associations. The interim chairman is Bob Sinotte, current president of the Carmel Views Community Association.

Mel Steckler the 2nd Vice Chair of Save the Valley – No City and President of the Carmel Knolls Property Owners Association called the current feasibility study “unrealistic.” The report shows “a barebones city, thinly staffed with a marginal capacity to provide services for its citizens.” In a report to be given to LAFCO, Steckler said that the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis report presents a bleak picture. “For instance, Carmel-by-the-Sea revenues are currently pegged at $2,548 per resident, but that the figure is only $468 per resident for a Carmel Valley City in its third year.”

Former Carmel Valley LUAC member, Tom Branson has taken the 1st Vice Chair position. A former attorney, Branson said, “We moved here to Carmel Valley to be free of the confines of local government – not to form a new city.”

Lawrence Samuels, secretary of the new organization and treasurer of Valley Watch, accused the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis of “cooking the numbers” He said that “the report is merely a financial sleight of hand in an effect to make the city look fiscally sound. How can we create a viable city here when the city of Salinas can’t even keep its libraries open?”

Later in 2005, the organization changed its name to Save Carmel Valley -- No on Incorporation.

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