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Save Carmel Valley -- Leadership

Executive Council of Save Carmel Valley -- No on Incorporation

Chair (interim): Bob Sinotte
Vice Chair: Tom Branson
Vice Chair: Mel Steckler
Secretary: Lawrence Samuels
Treasurer: Jane O. Heider
Members-at-Large: Katherine Bucqnet, Don Soule, Mel Kline, Jim Hare, Dale Dandervort, Gene Vandervort, Pam Noto


PR Committee (also Letters-to-the-editor): Joan Vandervort
Legal Team Committee: Tom Branson and David Churchill
Website Committee:
Events Committee: Tonny Tollner
Past Incorporation of Cities Committee: Bob Sinotte
Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis Committee: Scott Dick, Bob Sinotte and Mel Steckler
Fund Raising Committee:

Last Updated: Aug 29, 09

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Final Results Nov. 13, 2009 --Measure G Defeated by 52.52% to 47.48%

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