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The Proponents of Cityhood in Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley Association and Carmel Valley Forum Attempt to Incorporate CV

In 2005 the Carmel Valley Association took a poll of its membership. Only 160 members of once 850-dues-paying membership expressed support for incorporation (just 19%). Only the Carmel Valley Association Board has voted in support of incorporation. While the vast majority of the memberships of three property associations have overwhelmingly voted against incorporation. Not a single Carmel Valley’s homeowner’s association membership has voted in support of incorporation. For instance, Carmel Views Community Association membership voted with 90% in opposition; Hacienda Carmel Community Association membership voted with 91% in opposition; and Carmel Knolls Property Association voted in the upper 90% in opposition. And again, the vast majority of these homeowner association members participated in the voting process – up to 75% participation in some of these associations.

Another organization, the tax-deductible Carmel Valley Forum -- a non-profit 501(c) (3) – advertises that it has not officially taken a position on incorporation. However, its leaders have spoken out for incorporation at every opportunity. The Carmel Valley Forum has undertaken the task to raise money to pay for the legal process associated with LAFCO requirements in order for an area to incorporate. According to the Carmel Valley Forum itself, it was “established to continue the work started by the Carmel Valley Incorporation Steering Committee,” which was started in a move towards a possible incorporation.

Past Attempts

Some residents of Carmel Valley have attempted to incorporate in the past. In 1964 and 1968, attempts were initiated, but it was determined that incorporation was inappropriate and unpopular. The next attempt was made in 1994-1995, when the Carmel Valley Property Owner’s Association (CVPOA) began to work on a plan for cityhood. The effort stopped when it was determined that the required data was too hard to obtain. In 1998, another organization formed called the Carmel Valley Action Team, which met in order to develop an Initial Fiscal Analysis (IFA). It also failed.

In 2000 the Carmel Valley Association (formerly known as the Carmel Valley Property Owners Association) started another attempt and formed an ad hoc committee on incorporation – the Carmel Valley Incorporation Steering Committee. This committee raised funds from members and developers to fund an IFA to see if incorporation was economically feasible. Although the State of California and many cities were having extreme financial difficulties, the IFA report determined that a City in Carmel Valley was fiscally viable. However this report did not address the costs for road rehabilitation, replacement or repairs in Carmel Valley.

In 2003 the Carmel Valley Forum delivered to LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) a petition with over 2500 signatures. However, many of the signers were unaware that a successful petition drive would start the incorporation process. Many who signed the petition were flatly told that it was mere a study and nothing more.

In January of 2005, the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis was released and although the City of Salinas has no money for its libraries and while other cities are on the brink of bankruptcy, the report (costly $45,000 to $67,000) said that a City in Carmel Valley is fiscally feasible. Again, this report did not address the costs for road rehabilitation, replacement or repairs in Carmel Valley.

On Jan. 24, 2005, despite pleas by incorporation proponents and their attorneys, LAFCO commissioners voted to require a preliminary Environmental Impact Report (EIR). If a full EIR is requested by LAFCO, it could cost proponents nearly $80,000 and would extend the process another year.

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