Save Carmel Valley . org - Opposition Organizations to CV Incorporation -- 8-2006

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Opposition Organizations to CV Incorporation -- 8-2006

Homeowner Associations and Businesses
Opposed to Incorporation of Carmel Valley - 8/2006

Carmel Knolls Property Owners Association
Melvin Steckler, President

Carmel Views Community Association
Joan Bizzozero, President

Canada Woods Commercial
Alan Williams

Rancho Canada Golf Club
Joan Hafner

Hacienda Carmel Community Association
David Harris, President

Crossroads Shopping Village
Shari Reed, Vice President, General Partner

Brookdale Homeowners Association
Jack Siebman, President

The Barnyard
Jim Knell, owner

Coast Ranch
Alan Williams

Quail Lodge Resort
Lawson Little

Property Reserve, Inc.
Mark Kresler

Carmel Rancho Shopping Center
Katherine Bucquet, Trustee

Carmel Mission Inn
Wayne Levenfield

K and M Properties, LLC.
Melvin Kline, member

R. K. Enterprises
Richard Denier, owner

Rio Apartments and Business
Mel Kline

100 Clocktower
Michael McMahan, General Partner

Kagan Associates
Paul Kagan, Owner

Prada Del Sol Homeowners Association
Michaell Addison, President

Most of the above homeowner associations and businesses have mailed formal letters to LAFCO asking to be excluded from the boundaries of an incorporated City of Carmel Valley. One of the first letters mailed to LAFCO back in March of 22, 2004 by many of the above organizations stated that they have “come together to plead our case that if there is to be a city or town known as Carmel Valley, that incorporation should be as a municipality of smaller size, centered somewhere in the valley where there may be active support for it. There has never been support of it in the mouth of the valley. The boundaries proposed were an obvious effort to capture the tax and business revenues available from the mouth of the valley area, which given our express opposition, defines it as a form of hostile takeover. These revenues belong to those of us who generate them, which we are happy to share with Monterey County government, which whose services we have been reasonably satisfied.”

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